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About Review QR Code

Introducing: Digital QR code to Boost your Reviews

Our Digital QR Code includes a whole range of functions to get important google reviews for your practice

For your Patients - this is a modern, easy to use QR code.

For you - this is an digital platform to increase your Google Reviews with this QR code you can easily get more reviews to boost your online presence and increasing patient Flow

No purchasing expensive terminals for you and no application installation on your patients phones needed for our digital QR Code To work

Salient Features

Benefits of Star Ratings and Online Reviews?


More Traffic To Your Site

Another reason to focus on online reviews is that it makes your website more visible on search engine sites like Google.
Therefore, if your site gets a lot of good reviews, your organic traffic will increase because of clicks. If you concentrate on acquiring positive reviews, you’ll get a faster ROI with very minimal effort. 


Increase referral conversion by having lots of Google reviews

It is always the best practice to ask your patient for referrals, if you are successful at asking, prospective patients who have been referred will Google you. When a potential patient Google’s you, they will see an entire profile tile displaying all the information about your dental practice, including the hours, location, website, address, and most importantly, your reviews.


92% of patients looking for a dentist online read reviews

Almost all patients will do some research about your practice and use Google reviews as their primary “trust” source. They begin by typing something like “Dentists in Midtown Manhattan” and are shown results in three different ways; paid ads, local map (which may also have paid map ads) and organic search results.


Local map rankings are influenced by review

Four main factors that you can control influence local map rankings: volume of reviews, recency of reviews, frequency of reviews, and your review ratings.


Advertising has increased 10X in the last 10 years

Online advertising relies on a paid bidding system, called cost-per-click, or CPC. What this means is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your website. But this is unsustainable, especially for private practices because the cost of advertising has also increased 10X. Which bring us to the last point.


Compete with corporate practices – and sell high when the time comes to retire

A strong presence on Google can also add more value to your practice if or when you decide to sell. Potential buyers will look at your reputation and presence online to judge the success of your practice and get an idea of its value. You become much more attractive to buyers when they see that you have a steady flow of new patients and a high number of positive, recent Google reviews.

Why it's so special

Your Practice gets tons of google Reviews when you Switch to digital Review QR Code.

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“Very useful for new dental practice like me.”
Dr Neha
“Best Product to Increase Google Reviews. Nominal charges. Good support from tech team. Works smoothly no lags etc . And 100 percent Worth Price....”
Dr Praveen
“This is a great product to boost google Page review and digital platform visibity. with this product we have recived about 70 New reviews in one month ”
Dr Raveen

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