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SEO Works For Dentists

Are you a dentist who tried SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and failed to get the results you were promised?

Maybe you understand how important SEO is to your dental practice but can’t seem to move up in Google search rankings.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you can take your patient growth to new heights using SEO.

Any of this sound familiar? If so, keep reading.

The real question is: What do new patients in your area see when they search Google for a dentist?

Here’s how to find out:


Open an “incognito browser window” to search Google


Search for Dentist in [Your City]


Press enter and view the search results

You should now be looking at a series of dental practice listings. If your practice fails to be listed near the top of the page or isn’t at least on the first page of search results, you are losing revenue. Because if you’re not the one getting new patients from Google search results, your competitors are.

Potential new patients are out there searching, even as you read this. Which dentist in your area will they choose?

With effective search engine marketing, using SEO for dentists, you can make them choose you.

How to Make SEO Work for You

Harnessing the power of search engine marketing requires a personalized marketing plan designed to fit your dental practice. The following is a glimpse into the step-by-step process we use to make our clients attract and schedule their ideal dental patients.

  • Who is Your Ideal Patient?
    Your marketing will be more effective if you can develop a composite sketch of your ideal patient. Is your prospect a man or a woman? Is this person the parent of a child? Are they a young adult, middle-aged, or a senior? What services would this person want to receive? Answering these questions will help make your dental marketing more relatable to the new patients you want to attract.
  • Optimized Website Design
    Most people will find your website before they call to schedule an appointment. To make the best first impression, your website should be authoritative yet personable. It should inform and educate. Most of all, it should answer the question of WHY patients should choose you instead of any other dentist in town. A website like this requires a perfect symmetry of design elements, code, and content if it is going to impress Google and help you attract and schedule new patients.
  • Valuable Website Content
    Well-written content should the backbone of your dental practice’s website. Your website’s pages must be carefully written and professionally produced. Each page needs to offer a solution to a specific problem, such as implants for tooth loss or orthodontics for crooked teeth. Your contact information should be everywhere patients might look, accompanied by calls-to-action such as “Click Here To Schedule Your Appointment”. Only then can you consistently turn your website visitors into new patient appointments.
  • Location, Location, Location
    Your practice relies on your local population to keep your chair filled every day. Therefore, your marketing message should only extend about 10-15 miles beyond your office walls. This highly-focused method of marketing is known as Local SEO, and it is vital to your success as a dentist. A local search campaign will identify where patients live and deliver a message that positions you as the best dentist in your general area.
  • Analyze The Data, Improve, And Repeat
    No marketing campaign is ever set in stone. As people’s preferences evolve, so do Google’s algorithms. Your entire online presence needs to adapt to these changes if you want to keep your place atop Google’s search rankings. This requires regular analysis of your SEO numbers to determine how you can best optimize your search engine presence to keep attracting and scheduling the patients you want.
  • Online Reviews!
    Competition is increasing all the time. One simple strategy you can leverage to get an edge over your competitors is to proactively chase positive Google reviews. Click play on the short video below and we’ll explain a simple strategy to help you win more reviews.

Get Your SEO Campaign Started

As a dentist, your online presence the driving force behind how you attract new patients. Having a website no one can find doesn’t work.

Don’t get left behind.

Your competitors may already be using these SEO techniques to get ahead.

You need a targeted website and an optimized web presence if you want to attract and schedule more new and loyal dental patients.

All you have to do is take the next step.

Want Your Practice To Shoot Up The Ranks Of Google?

Let us show you where to start.

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